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Hold On!

A few months ago I shared a quote that said,

"God is preparing you for something great. Just hold on."

I can't quite recall what I was going through during the time of that post (if anything at all.) Sometimes I just share messages that stand out to me in my spirit. For the most part, it could very well be for someone else and not me. So it wasn't surprising when 3 months later, someone commented on that post and said..."a person can only hold on for so long."

I instantly felt her end of the rope. I felt her sigh. I felt her deep breath. I felt what she was thinking. I felt her reason. I felt her hopelessness. But although I felt that very thing that made her question her faith, it was that very thing that prompted me to say...

"Keep holding. That SO has an appointed time."

But although I felt that very thing that made her question her faith, it was that very thing that prompted me to say.."keep holding." Now, I don't know who the commenter is, nor do I know what she is ready to give up on. But what I do know is that, I've felt that thing before. I've felt that hopelessness. I felt that cold brick wall that you're standing so close up against that you can feel the temperature change of your skin to it's element. I've been there. I've waited so long and felt, maybe He's not coming. I've felt that! But I've also felt that SO moment. IN HIM. That moment that I think He knows that we know that we're at, "I can only hold on for SO long." God knows our SO. We take for granted the old saying, "He may not come when you want Him, but He'll be there right on time." We take it for granted and sometimes we discount it and deflect it before it can even come to pass. It's like watching a game with 2 minutes left on the clock and 6 points down. Now if the team gives up and throws in the towel at the 2 minute mark, there isn't a sure way of knowing what would have and could have happened had they saw the game/battle all the way through.

You're absolutely right, we can only hold on for SO long when we are operating in our flesh. When we try to control the levels of our faith. You have faith or you don't. You either believe or you don't. You can't hold on to both ends of the rope and think you're going to do anything more than just jump rope. How many times will you jump rope with your faith only to realize that holding on to it only keeps you in the same place. Trust God with the other side of the rope. Hold on to HIS unchanging hand. Let Him stretch you, shape you, bring you into His perfect time and place. That SO has an appointed time. Keep. Holding. On! - OhSoDominique

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