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I did more than think today....

This is ONLY for the creative entrepreneurs out there. People that create their own schedules (BOSS) and make time for what they want to make time for (BOSS). When they want to make time for it.(BOSSIER) Yea. This is for the dReamers! I'll be the first to admit that sometimes I can get so caught up in my dreams that I won't even take time in my reality to bring them into fruition. I just...think about it. Every now and then I'll talk about it or mention it to my manager, but for the most part. They stayed right where I first saw them. In my dreams. Ha! Good luck with that right? What's the purpose you ask? Well that's what I wondered myself so I had to make a move. I had to make a change. So on the morning of the 3rd. I got up! Ha! Kinda like Jesus did from that tomb...haa..but I'm not here to preach. But yea...I got up. I started my day. I went to work. I ate lunch. I went to the gym. And then I made time to do IT. Something that I had being thinking about doing in order to further my career. I'll tell you about it later! 😊😊 But I made time to do it. Right during that time I was normally catching up on my latest DVR saves. Or scrolling on social media minding everyone's business but my own. Find time to do IT. And make yourself proud. You'll be surprised at what you can accomplish with your unused hours of the day! Try it out.

I recommend you get a schedule. A real life planner. Get a nice pen and keep it only for your planner. (This may sound weird, but I'm trying to help you create an atmosphere for your scheduling. You will be surprised how much your energy matters when you're planning your day. If you go to something you like (appealing to eye, planner/pen) it will make you happy when you go to write in it. Even for a few seconds. They matter. And these are the seconds that will set the tone for the balance in your life!

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