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When You Drain Your Battery

I was going to do something for a friend and ended up needing a friend myself. It’s funny how situations play out.

Well, while picking up a friend, I sat in the parking lot with my car half on and listened to music, periscoped, charged my phone and used my surround bluetooth to FaceTime someone on my iPad. THE ABSOLUTE MOST! So my friend gets to my car and as I attempted to start it, it wouldn't turn over. So we’re stranded. Right! I am supposed to be the rescue and now we need rescuing. I’m somewhere far away from home, doing something for someone else and I needed somebody too. My battery was totally dead!

There comes a point in life where we are doing so much we get completely depleted. So much so, we don’t even recognize that the more we try to energize others, we end up depleting ourselves. I was running on empty. So I’m half on, listening to music, periscoping, charging my phone, using surround sound to FaceTime on an iPad. Can you believe that this is sometimes our lives? We have so much ON us and draining us that we don't even realize that we are running low. Take out the time to balance your life. Your life's battery depends on it.

Be careful not to drain your battery.

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