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Why didn't you just jump?

I was reading an article about a boyfriend who pushed his girlfriend out of a flying plane as it crashed (, ultimately killing him and the pilot. At first I thought, "wow." How chivel of him to risk his life to save hers. What a gentleman. It was definitely a heart touching tragedy. But then I got to thinking. Why didn't he jump too? Now while I am definitely praying for his family, friends and the family of the pilot. If there was time for him to open the cabin door, push her to safety... why didn't he jump to safety as well? What was holding him back? How was he not able to make it too? Was his seatbelt stuck? I had questions. But of course there were no answers. (as of yet. It's currently 10:33 a.m., Sept. 2.) And I don't want to get too conspiracy theory-ish. I watch entirely too much Criminal Minds & CSI:All of Them. So I'll leave that alone for the moment because someone is grieving, but if it comes back up....never mind.. my point.. I started thinking even deeper about that thing. That pushing vs. jumping scene. How often in life do we push someone to safety or into their destiny but then turn around and find ourselves crashing. If you can push a person to jumping, what's stopping you from jumping too? So many times we find ourselves on the pushing end of someone else's vision. Be it in your 9-5 mediocre job, that you can't stand, because all you are sitting at your desk thinking about is styling on the red carpet. Or maybe doing hair for the entire cast of a broadway play. You've trained enough employees, you've signed enough log

s. What's holding YOU back? Why don't you just jump. Why don't you just jump on that audition? Why don't you write that screenplay? Why don't you start that non-profit? Why don't you start that school? Often times our biggest seatbelt is the bill associated with that vision. BUT, what if you jump and you land safely? You'll have some scratches (physically, mentally, literally) and maybe a bruise (realistically and figuratively) here and there, no one said getting to safety was going to be harmless. It just might hurt. But what if you get there? What if it works? What if you plan it out and execute it perfectly! What if you trusted your landing? What if you just jump? There's only one way to find out.

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