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Dr. Maya Angelou pinned a poem that she revealed in 2008 entitled Haters. When you have the time, Google it. It’ll bless ya. I won’t post the entire poem here, but the OPENING lines do enough for me. She says, “A hater is someone who is jealous and envious and spends all their time trying to make you look small so they can look tall. They are very negative people to say the least. Nothing is ever good enough!” Haters! How many of us have them? Please, put your hands down. This isn’t about having them. This is about ignoring them. A haters purpose is to remind you that you’re doing well in the world. That you’re alive. That you’re living. So many people get lost in the number. So when you’re being hated on, your relevance is solidified. Don’t get mad at me hater, you did this. I was just living. Social media is a hater’s playground. They patiently wait for the clock to strike whatever their recess time is, in hopes of seeing you on the blacktop. They poke fun and pick at you in hopes that when that clock strikes, you’ll meet them on the blacktop (or in this case, the comment box) and take them on head to head. JUST to prove to your real fans and supporters, that you aren’t all that “good,” “righteous,” “holy,” Christ-like.” Lol. Isn’t that funny tho. We’re Christ-Like, not Christ. Calm down grasshopper. Now, while many people are living a life pleasing to the Kingdom, they are still….LIVING A LIFE. Stuff happens, life happens. LIVING HAPPENS. That’s their battle, that’s their business. If people spent half the time they spend worried about others on themselves, maybe their lives would be different. Focus on yourself. You matter more than that post you just spent your energy on. Don’t like something that you see, don’t LIKE it! Simple. See how easy that was? -Ohsofamous1

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