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But I’m a Church Girl travels through the lives of four friends bound at the altar. Church girls. Good girls that have morals that think highly of themselves but live in the chaos of today’s society. Where floor skirts and neck blouses aren’t trending outfits of the day. In a megachurch society melting pot, 4 women’s lives clash in more than just ministry. Kertlen Kennedy is single, with her own job, her own car, works hard and plays harder. Somehow, between the steeple and the spotlight, Sister Kennedy has a secret creeping in the shadows. When you run from the lights, you land in the shadows. Ask Reese Harris, Kertlen’s best friend and business partner who lives her life to her beat of her own drum, and it’s not ceremonial drums either. She didn’t ask for ministry, she was born into it; and when your father is on television the spotlight stays on you. But why does Nikki Kingston still feel like she has the dream life she wish she could wake up from? Are the saints not praying? Tracey Calvin is the big sister from church hell. But Kertlen knows most sanitized saints only try to mask the secret thorns in her flesh. Mic check anyone? The only thing for certain is they love God, but they sure aren’t the church girls next door. What happens when Lust, Passion, Lies and Betrayal all meet at the Altar. But wait….who’s praying?

But I'm A Church Girl